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Diocesian Volunteer Code of Conduct

All Diocese of Brooklyn Volunteers, and Employees who come into contact with youth are required to sign a "Code of Conduct". Here is the Code of Conduct for Youth Serving Volunteers.

 Diocese of Brooklyn Code of Pastoral Conduct 
 For Volunteers 

Our children are the most important gifts God has entrusted to us. As a volunteer, I promise to strictly follow the rules and guidelines in this


Volunteer’s Code of Pastoral Conduct as a condition of my providing services to the children and young people of our Diocese, parishes or affiliated


 As a volunteer, 
   I WILL treat everyone, including clergy, religious, parents and other adults and children with respect, loyalty, patience, courtesy, and dignity.
   I WILL represent the teachings of the Catholic Church with integrity in word and action
   I WILL work collaboratively with the clergy, other supervisors and associates in ministry. 
   I WILL avoid situations where I am alone with children and/or young people  before, during or after Church activities.
   I WILL maintain appropriate boundaries in my relationships with children and/or young people. 
   I WILL use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with children and/or young people.
   I WILL refuse to accept expensive gifts from children and/or young people or  their parents without prior written approval from the pastor or administrator.
   I WILL refrain from giving gifts to children and/or young people without prior  written approval from the parents or legal guardian and the pastor or administrator. 
   I WILL immediately report suspected abuse to the pastor, administrator, or appropriate supervisor and to appropriate authorities as required by law.
   I WILL cooperate fully in any investigation of abuse of children and/or young people.
 As a volunteer, 

  I WILL NOT interact with children or young people through E-mail, social network sites or other forms of electronic communications except for


delivering information for  the program I am providing.  
  I WILL NOT assist children and young people to access pornography or other sexual material online or influence their exploration of pornography through any media outlet.
  I  WILL  NOT  use  parish,  school  or  any  agency  computers  or  other   electronic communications to participate in chat rooms or engage in



 social interaction on any social network sites.

   I WILL NOT photograph or use photographs of children or young people without  the explicit permission of the parents or legal guardian.
   I WILL NOT touch a child and/or young person in a sexual or other  inappropriate manner.
   I WILL NOT use, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while volunteering in any diocesan, parish or church activity. 
   I WILL NOT pose any health risk to children and/or young people. 
   I WILL NOT strike, spank, shake, or slap children and/or any young person. 
   I WILL NOT use profanity, sexual language or any other inappropriate language in the presence of children and/or young people.  

To: Volunteer
From: Safe Environment Office, Diocese of Brooklyn
 Please read the above Code of Pastoral Conduct for Volunteers and keep it as a reference and as part of your records. 
Sign the below Agreement Form for Pastoral Codes of Conduct and return the form to the designated person in your parish (Pastor, DRE, Principal, etc.) 
Thank  you  for Protecting  God’s  Children  as well  as  protecting  yourself  from  false accusations.
For information call: (718) 281- 9670 or (718) 281- 9671


Statement of Acknowledgement

Diocese of Brooklyn

Code of Pastoral Conduct

Volunteer with Youth 

Please read the Code of Pastoral Conduct and sign below to indicate your receipt and acknowledgement to the Diocese of Brooklyn.

This acknowledgement will become a permanent part of the Diocesan records.

Statement of Acknowledgement

I have received and have reviewed a copy of the Code of Pastoral Conduct.

I understand that it is my obligation to abide by the provisions contained in the code.

I understand that this code is not a contract and does not grant any rights to continued employment,

ministry or volunteer service.

I understand that the Diocese of Brooklyn reserves the right to change,

modify and/or revise any part of this code at any time but that the Diocese of Brooklyn

will notify church personnel of any changes to the code as soon as possible.


Name (please print)___________________________________________

Home address_______________________________________________

 Tel. Numbers (h) (w) (cell)_____________/______________/_____________

 E-mail address(s)_______________________________________________

 1. Primary Parish/school where you work/volunteer:

 Parish/school Location______________________________________________

 If also needed Secondary Parish/school where you work/volunteer:


 Specific Position(s): (Please list in order of priority, )




I have agreed to have a criminal background search conducted:

 Signature__________________________/ Date________________________________

Scouting Volunteers must take both their Organizations specific Youth Protection Training Courses
and complete Diocesian Virtus Training, and maintain current certifications and comply with any any additional Parish/ Youth Organization specifiy Rules, Regulations and Guidelines related to Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments for all.