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CCOS Meeting Agendas and Minutes

 CCOS Meeting Agendas and Minutes will be posted below

 Diocese of Brooklyn

Catholic Committee on Scouting

  Dear Catholic Committee Members and Leaders of Scout Units in Catholic Parishes in Queens and Brooklyn,

 I hope many of you can attend our next scheduled meeting on Monday evening, October 15  at 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Rectory - Marion Center,  Fort Hamilton Parkway,  Kensington,  Brooklyn  11218

 Our agenda will include:


Lite Refreshments



 1) Opening Prayer – Chaplain Jim Noble -  7:00 PM 


 2)  Chaplains Report 

  •  BSA Family Scouting Implementation - CCOS was asked for Policy recommendations by Bishop DiMarzio.
  •  Idea to hold a Diocese of Brooklyn Scouting Leaders Convocation to explain BSA program changes, hear concerns, and answer questions from Parish Representatives.    Date and Place to be determined.
  • Catholic Scout Retreat/ Day of Reflection, Alpine Scout Camp, Fri. November 2- Sunday November 4, 2018   


3)  Arrival of the Peace light flame from the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem via Vienna Austria - JFK International Airport, Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Chapel, Terminal 4, 

 Saturday, December 1, 2018.  Gathering starts 2:30 PM, Ceremony soon after arrival of Flight OS87 from Vienna, Austria. Approx..3:00 pm.

  • Parish Distribution Plans and Dates


 4)  Bishops Dinner for Scouting - Spring 2019 date to be determined, awaiting Bishop's Schedule. Applications for Adult Religious Recognition's are being accepted with $25.00 per award fee.

 5)  2019 - Youth religious emblem boards - March 11, Brooklyn & March 13, Queens,

  6)  2019 - Youth Religious Awards Convocation, Sunday, May 5,

  • 1:00-2:00 PM at Mary's Nativity Church,

  •  Awardee Family Reception at  2:00 Parish Center,  46-02  Parsons Boulevard, Flushing Queens, N.Y

  • 7)  Good and Welfare

    8)  Confirmation of bi-monthly dates & locations for 2019 meetings of CCOS,


  • February, Queens

  • April, Brooklyn

  • May, Queens

  • Summer,  TMR

  • September, Brooklyn

  • October Retreat – Date TBD

  • November, Queens 

  •   9)  Closing Prayer – Deacon Vin Lino -  8:30 PM 

 Meeting of Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Host – Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Rectory, 2805 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn,  11218


7:00 – 9:00 pm  Marion Center

Gathering &  Lite Refreshments

Welcome & Call to Order by Chairman

·        7:00 pm - Opening Prayer – Chaplain

Old Business:

·        Youth Awards Convocation – Sunday, April 15.

·        Bishops Dinner for Scouting  - Tuesday, May 1.

 New Business:

·         Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio’s visit to Ten Mile River Scout Camp

Tuesday, July 17, 2018.  Mass at  Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Chapel

·         Mass Schedule for TMR Summer Camps – Tuesdays, starting July 10.  Father Tom Vassalotti , will be Celebrant for the first week, and will be

Co-celebrant with the Bishop on July 17th.

·        Catholic Scout Retreat – Friday Eve. November 2 – Sunday November 4, Reeves Conference Center and Cub World,  Alpine Scout Camp,  Alpine New Jersey

·        Peace light from Bethlehem Arrival – JFK Our Lady of the Skies – Nov. date of transatlantic flight TBD by Austrian Airlines

·        CCOS September Meeting Date – Our Lady of Hope Rectory, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

·        CCOS December Holiday Dinner Meeting –  December Date and place TBD

2019 – Events Calendar

·        Jan Meeting

·        Scout Sundays  - February and March

·        Boards of Review  -  March 

·        March Meeting

·        Convocation – April in Queens

·        Bishop’s Dinner 

·        May Meeting


Closing Prayer - Chaplain


Catholic Committee on Scouting 
Meeting of Tuesday, January 23, 2018
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Rectory,  Brooklyn

Pre-meeting lite refreshments served

   1)  Opening Prayer  7:00 PM
   2)  Report  of Chaplains 
   3)  Old Business 
  •  Brief recap of Peace Light Arrival event on Saturday, November 25th, 2017 at JFK.   If you have not seen the NET TV coverage of our event the link is posted on our Website homepage.
  •  Distribution of Emblems from our October 2017 Catholic Scout Retreat, at Alpine Scout Camp.
   4)  New Business
  • Scout Sunday and Anniversary Celebrations
  • National CCOS notice of Award price Increase
  • Youth religious emblem boards - Monday, March 12,  IHM Church, Kensington, Brooklyn  & Wed. March 14,  Our Lady of Hope Church,  Middle Village, Queens  both 7:00 - 9:00 PM, Youth religious award applications and $15 per award fees due by Friday, March 16.  Awards Chairman - Chris Dono,  347-680-9944
  •  Awards Convocation, Sunday April 15,  IHM Church, Brooklyn  2:00 - 3:00 PM
  •  Bishops Dinner for Scouting - Tuesday, May 1, El Caribe Country Caterers,  Mill Basin, Brooklyn.  Applications and $25 fee for Adult awards: Saint Anne, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Bronze Pelican and Saint George Awards are due by Friday, March 23.  Cut off for placing congratulatory Journal Ads is Tuesday, April 17th.
  •  Fall Catholic Scout Retreat   November 2-4,  Alpine Scout Camp,  Reeves Conference Center 
 5) Good and Welfare News
  • New Catholic Leader Training Continuum
  • Catholic Committee Development, Florida Seabase & Catholic Scouter Leadership Conference, Philmont Training Center.  See links on our Committee website home page. 
  • Roll out of BSA Scouting Family initiative
  • 2019 World Scout Jamboree - Youth and Adult Participant Sign-up has begun.  Early registration $100. discount ends January 31.  Also International Service Team applications are being accepted by the Region.

 Closing remarks by Chairman and Chaplains

 Confirmation of next bi-monthly dates & locations for remaining 2018 meetings 
 Closing Prayer  9:00 PM


Catholic Committee on Scouting, Diocese of Brooklyn,

Meeting,  November 15, 2017  at 7:00 - 9:00 pm


Host :Our Lady of Hope Church Rectory, Middle Village, Queens



   1)  Opening Prayer 7:00 PM

   2)  Chaplains Report

   3)  Brief Recap - Diocese of Brooklyn, Catholic Scout Retreat, Alpine Scout Camp

        Fri. October 13 Sunday October 15, 2017, Planning and Promotion of 2018 Retreat has started.


   4)  Arrival of the Peace light flame from the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem via Vienna Austria - 

        JFK International Airport, Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Chapel, Terminal 4, 

        Saturday, November 25, 2017.  Gathering starts 2:00 PM, 

        Ceremony soon after arrival of   Flight OS87 from Vienna, Austria. Approx. 3:00 pm.

   5)  Bishops Dinner for Scouting - Postponed to Spring 2018 date to be determined,

        Awaiting Bishop's   Schedule.  1 Applications for Adult awards has being received.

   6)  2018 - Youth religious emblem boards - March 12, Brooklyn & March 14, Queens


   7) Spring 2018 - Awards Convocation, Brooklyn Parish location, Date pending


   8)  Fall Retreat 2018 - November 2-4, Alpine Scout Camp, Reeves Conference Center is booked.


   9)  2017 Quality Diocese Award Application due soon


   10)  Closing remarks by Chairman and Chaplains

   11)  Good and Welfare


   12)  Confirmation of bi-monthly dates & locations for 2018 meetings of CCOS,

          next January 2018, Brooklyn

   13)  Closing Prayer 9:00 PM



Catholic Committee – Diocese of Brooklyn September 27, 2017 Meeting Agenda

Host: Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Brooklyn

Light Refreshments Served

Opening Prayer 7:30 PM - Chaplain

Chaplains Welcome and Reports

Old Business

1. Aux. Bishop's visit and Mass at TMR, other Mass coverage and attendance at Camp 

2. Diocese of Brooklyn, Catholic Scout Retreat, Alpine Scout Camp, October 13 eve thru Sunday October 15, noon, Flyer and Registration form on our Website, New retreat program and ideas presented by Deacons, Registration deadline October 6th. (food orders due to Alpine catering staff).

3. Retreat promotion at TMR during summer camp, TMR 90th, GNYC Program Launch and Scout leader Roundtables, email blast to Queens Scout leaders, and on Brooklyn Scouting and CCOS websites.

New Business

1. Confirmed planned Arrival of the Peace light flame from the Church of the Nativity via Vienna Austria - JFK International Airport, Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Chapel, Terminal 4, Saturday, November 25, 2017.  Gathering  at Chapel starts 2:00 PM, Ceremony soon after arrival of Flight OS87 from Vienna, Austria.(due 2:45 PM)  Seek Peace light Messengers to transport the "light" to Churches and Houses of Worship all over the NYC Metro area.   Planning a Peace light Ceremony for distribution at Trinity Church, lower Manhattan with procession over the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights Churches and Houses of Worship (Jim Sorenson)

2. Bishops Dinner for Scouting - Postponed from October 25th 2017, to Spring 2018 date to be determined, awaiting Bishop's Schedule. Applications for adult Religious Recognition found on our Website. Deadline for awards at least 1 month prior to dinner (ample time to notify awardees and order awards)

3. 2018 - Youth religious emblem boards - March 12, Brooklyn & March 14, Queens ( Need to confirm locations and times)

4.  Spring 2018 - Awards Convocation, Brooklyn, Date pending Saint Athanasius Parish schedule availability, and coordination with Deacon's schedules. (Brian Long)

5. Catholic Committee on Scouting Training Conference -Florida Sea base

6. Catholic Committee on Scouting Leadership Seminar, Philmont, New Mexico

7. Saint George Trek for Catholic Youth, Philmont, New Mexico

Confirmation, of dates, locations and times of Queens and Brooklyn meetings of CCOS & Closing remarks by Chairman

Good and Welfare Announcements:
Congratulations to Chris Coscia and Joe Schultz on their respective promotions. Robert Colona to serve as our new GNYC liaison.
 Need for a new Girl Scout Council of NY Executive liaison to our Committee.

Closing Prayer,  9:00 PM - Chaplain



Catholic Committee on Scouting

Diocese of Brooklyn

Agenda for January 18, 2017

Meeting  Agenda


Meeting Host :  Rev. Tom Vassalotti,  Pastor, Divine Mercy Parish

7:00 PM  Opening Prayer – Led by Chaplain

Introductions and announcement of new Scout Chaplains appointed by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio on January 1, 2017.   (Deacon James Noble will not be attending tonight’s meeting)  Renewal of Committee Mission and Vision.


Old Business - Looking Back – 30 Minutes)

1.       September  6th, 2016
Committee  Meeting – Prepare for GNYC Program Launch (9-10-16)

2.       October 11th, 2016 Meeting -  Finalized Plans for Bishop’s Dinner (10-19-16)

3.       Bishop’s Dinner - Did we hold at wrong time of year?

4.       Catholic Scout Retreat – Friday November 4 – Sunday, November 6th, 2016

·         Theme – Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy. Emblems have arrived.

·         How to pray the Rosary – Hike to Palisades and Rosary instructions provided by Father Tom and Father Chris Heanue, Administrator of Holy Child Jesus Parish.

·         Candle light Living Rosary- John Joseph Antoniello, and CCOS Team

·         Youth – Evaluation Cards - What they liked, What they did not like

·         Attendance – total youth and adults just under 100 ?  Did not meet expectations.

·         Many new faces – expressed interest in joining committee and supporting our needs.

·         We overbooked cabins – but several units used them.

5.       Peace Light from Bethlehem – Saturday, November 26, 2016 – Host:  JFK Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Chapel – largest number of participants in 15 years, performances by Xaverian band and Adam Bueno, of Cub Pack 187, Brooklyn.    Rev. Chris Piasta, JFK Chaplain welcomed all,  Fr. Tom emceed.

New Business – Looking Ahead (1 Hour)

6.       Scout Sunday(s) 2017 – Sunday, February 5 (BSA), Sunday, March 6 (GSA)

Units can schedule other dates for Parish, Unit Scout Sunday Observances.

7.       GNYC Camping Expo - Catholic Committee invited to promotion of Catholic Youth Religious Emblems and staffing two display tables.  February 26, 2017, Alpine Scout Camp. NJ.                             

8.       Catholic Youth Religious Emblem Boards of Reviews, and application and $15. Per award fee submission due dates:  (Chris Dono – Religious Emblem Awards Chm.)

·         Monday, March 13,  2017, Brooklyn – Immaculate Heart of Mary, Marion Center in Rectory Basement,  7:00-9:00 PM, 2805 Fort Hamilton Parkway, 11218

·         Wednesday, March 15, 2017, Queens – Our Lady of Hope – Catholic Academy Cafeteria – Middle Village, 61-21 71st. Street,  - 11379  7:00-9:00 PM

9.       Catholic Youth Awards Convocation  : Sunday April 30,  2017,  Our Lady of Hope Church,  2:00 -4:00 PM,  Gathering and Procession starts 2:00 pm,  Ceremony starts 2:30,  Reception at Academy cafeteria starts at end of Awards Ceremony,  concludes by 4:00

10.   Determine remaining 2017 CCOS Event Dates


·         March 22, 2017,  7:00-8:30 P M,  location to be determined


·         May 24, 2017,  7:00 -8:30 PM,  location to be determined


·         Bishop’s Visit to Ten Mile River Scout Camp, with Mass


·         Bishops’ Dinner for Scouting,  Committee to recommend Adult Awardees


·         2017 Catholic Scout Retreat ,  Date(s .Location, Chairman)


·         Peace Light from Bethlehem


Concluding Remarks  /  Announcements

 Closing Prayer – Led by Chaplain

Chairman Concludes meeting by 8:30 PM


Catholic Committee on Scouting  Diocese of Brooklyn

Agenda for March 22, 2017 Meeting

Meeting Host :  Our Lady Of Hope Parish, Middle Village, Queens

7:00 PM  Opening Prayer – Led by Chaplain

Welcome & Introductions  

Old Business - Looking Back – 15 Minutes

1.       January 18, 2017 – Last Committee  Meeting  – St. Francis of Paola Rectory – Fr. Tom Vassalotti host.

·         Bishop appoints new Chaplains effective January 31, 2017:

o   Deacon James “Jim” Noble, Brooklyn

o   Deacon Vincent Lino, Queens

·         Girl Scout Council of New York – Professional  liaison to CCOS, Charmaine Chung retired,

2.       Scout Sunday(s) Observances 2017 – Sunday, February 5 (BSA), Sunday, March 6 (GSA)

3.       GNYC Camping Expo - Catholic Committee participated on February 26, 2017, Alpine Scout Camp. NJ.     

New Business – 45 Minutes 

1.       Quality Diocese Committee Award Application and Reports to Regional Chair were submitted before March 15 deadline. 

2.       CCOS web site :  ccosbq.org  due for renewal in April.

3.       Recent Communication from Ted Musco, regarding NCCS letter to Bishop DiMarzio regarding  BSA policy change on Transgender youth membership                  

4.       Reports on Catholic Youth Religious Award Applications and Fees:

·         Brooklyn Board on Monday March 13 – Immaculate Heart of Mary

·         Queens – March 15 – Cancelled due to blizzard - Our Lady of Hope – Applications to be collected at this meeting.

5.       Catholic Youth Awards Convocation  : Sunday April 30,  2017,  Our Lady of Hope Church,  2:00 -4:00 PM

·         Schedule:

o   Confirm Church, School and Organist availability

o   Order Awards

o   Days before event:

§   Prepare Awards for presentation

§   Prepare and print program

§   Provide Organist – Musical Selections

§   Purchase light refreshments

§  Confirm committee availability and assignments

o   Day of event:

§  Awards displayed on Church Altar

§  Greet awardees and parents at Church parking lot

§  Check in of Awardees

§  Organize and supervise short Procession(weather permitting) starting at 2:00 pm

§  Distribute programs, seat parents, leaders and quests.

§   Ceremony starts 2:30

·         Seating of Awardees

·         Welcome by Chairman

·         Opening Prayer

·         Procession and Blessing of Flags and Flag Bearers

·         Pledge of Allegiance

·         Liturgy of the Word – Scout Lectors

·         Reflection on the Readings and Awardee Accomplishments – Chaplain

·         Blessing of Awards

·         Presentation of Awards

·         Prayer of the Faithful

·         Collection to offset Convocation expenses

·         Lord’s Prayer

·         CCOS Announcements

·         Closing Prayer and Blessing

·         Recessional Hymn

·         Reception at School cafeteria

·         Clean-up

·         Event  concludes by 4:00



6.        Other 2017 CCOS Event Dates – 30 Minutes


·         Committee Meeting, May 24, 2017,  7:00 -9:00 PM, Brooklyn location to be determined

·         Committee Meetings,  September & November 2017 dates and locations to be selected

·         Bishop’s Visit to Ten Mile River Scout Camp, with Mass

o   Date to be determined – July ?

·         Bishops’ Dinner for Scouting

o   Dinner Chairman and Sub-Committee

o   Fall 2017 - Date to be determined (awaiting Bishop’s availability dates)

o    Recommendations of Adult Religious Emblem Awardees

·         2017 Catholic Scout Retreat,  Reeves Conference Center, Alpine Scout Camp, N.J.

o   November 10 -13, 2017   (Veteran’s Day Weekend)

o   Catered meals served at Cub World Dining Hall

o   Celebrant(s) for Mass

o   Retreat Leader and Sub-Committee

o   Theme – “Living and Loving our Catholic Faith – Putting Faith into Action by Serving Others” .

·         Peace Light flame from Grotto of the Nativity, City of Bethlehem arrival at JFK via Vienna Austria

o    16th Annual Passing of the message and  Peace flame to participants at Our Lady of the Skies Catholic Chapel, JFK International Terminal Four.

o    North America distributions commence immediately


7.       Concluding Remarks  /  Announcements – 15 Minutes

·         Saint George Trek at Philmont

·         Catholic Committee Leadership Development Conference – Philmont

·         NCCS to promote Duty to God at 2017 National Scout Jamboree

·         NCCS seeks members -  Receive “The Bridge”, membership card, and program updates.

·         Catholic Eagle Scout Certificates – awarded by Bishop DiMarzio

·         Diocese of Brooklyn CCOS – Girl Scout – Our Lady Awards – Are these still being earned ?

·         Other Good Welfare


8.       Closing Prayer – Led by Chaplain


Chairman Concludes meeting by 9:00 PM