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Elizabeth Ann Seton Award Nomination Form


2018 St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award Nomination Form

Diocese of Brooklyn

Catholic Committee on Scouting


MUST be returned to the CCOS no later than Friday, March 23, 2018








elephone                                                                  E-mail                                                                          


(1)   Years as an Adult Member                                                         

  Indicate years with Girl Scouts_______ Camp Fire_______ Other_______


(2)   List Position(s)  Currently Held: 




(3)   Positions Previously Held in Girl Scouts/Camp Fire/Other:





(4)  Please state specifically what contributions the candidate has made in the spiritual development of Catholic members in the above organizations that would merit this award:




(5)  Please record other contributions of the candidate, with positions held and dates, specifically in regard to the activities of the parish, diocese, organization served (Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, Other), business, civic, religious, educational organizations.







I hereby affirm the nomination of                                                                                      as worthy of this recognition.



__________________________________________                    ___________________

Signature of the Parish Priest/ Pastor/ Moderator                                           Date



(Signature of Parish Priest/ Pastor/ Moderator)                                                            (Date)









Telephone                                                                     E-mail                                                                        





Note: Nomination is to be kept confidential. The person making the nomination will be notified of the results. Awards are presented by Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio at the Bishop’s Dinner for Scouting, on May 1, 2018 at the El Caribe, Mill Basin, Brooklyn, N.Y.   Congratulatory messages may be sent for publication in the Dinner Journal.  Deadline for submission of ads is Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Send Nomination Form to

Paul D. Stanton, Chairman

Catholic Committee on Scouting

Diocese of Brooklyn

2 Hinckley Place, 1L

Brooklyn, N.Y.  11218



Award Payment check in the amount of $25. Should be made payable to CCOS and mailed to the above address.



Questions:   pdstanton@aol.com

 347-446-8608 (Cell)  718-438-4575 (H)



Approval by Catholic Committee on Scouting


The above candidate meets diocesan requirements.



 ______________________________________ __________________

Chairman                                                                                  Chaplain